Black Black Chewing Gum



Who needs fruity flavours and mild menthol when you can experience the ‘Hi-technical taste’ of Black Black Chewing Gum? That’s right, the packaging really doesn’t lie and occasionally you’ll even find a stick with ‘Yes, Chewing!’ written on it. Don’t ask us why, but the idea of having a mixture of black chewing gum and the appalling use of the English language really caught our eye!

Lotte’s Black Black Chewing Gum is the powerfully caffeinated gum and candy sensation from Japan which is designed to wake you up with a real punch when you’re feeling low and could do with a lift. Originally made famous in the U.S by Wired Magazine it took the States by storm and is preparing to get your taste buds tantalised in the U.K! Jean Claude Van Damme even put his name on it in the Japanese commercial – Has there ever been so much hype about chewing gum? We don’t think so…

Black Black is one of a kind, refreshing and packed full of energy that wakes you up with a devilish kick – and quickly, too, since caffeine in gum is absorbed 3 times faster than your standard cup of coffee. It also contains niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3 that has many uplifting beneficial properties.

Lotte’s Black Black Gum comes in either 1 or 4 packs and contains 9 sticks of gum ready to take your breath away – literally. So if you’re fed up of drinking bucket loads of coffee to wave goodbye to that ghastly hangover or chewing 17 packs of your regular chewies to get firmly rid of that morning breath, why not kill two birds with one stick of black chewing gum and join the Japanese chewing revolution by adding one to your cart immediately. Remember, black is the new white!