Beer Hammer



So you’ve been banging nails into walls all day and it’s just no fun! Whether you’re up town, on site or you’re just putting up a shelf for your Nan, its thirst quenching work! But you’re in work mode now and you’re just trying to get the job done, that bottle of 1664 is winking at you and you can’t be naffed to go and find a bottle opener. But do not fear, our beer guzzling friends, you have your trusty Beer Hammer in your tool belt. Psshhh… Ahhh bliss!

We couldn’t believe that anybody had thought up this brilliant but simple contraption before we saw it advertised. Such a simple idea but so effective if you’re the sort who likes to work hard and play hard. Fantastic for hanging up pictures, brilliant for knocking up wardrobes, the king for cracking open a cold one!

Beer Hammer is a real handy gift for the D.I.Y. enthusiast and a great addition to any tool-box. It’s a dream gift for carpenters, builders and just about anyone who loves a cold one and banging metal spikes into things. It’s the coolest way to open beer and also doubles as a sturdy hammer. Instead of a claw it has a bottle opener which you slip under your bottle cap and in one swift movement, open your bevvie! Hammer a nail, drink a beer, Hammer a nail, drink a beer – or the other way round!