Beer Cage Puzzle

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Most of us love beer. Some even adore it while others hate it. Someone very yellow even mutters the words “ummmmm, beer” quite often. Whether you like the stuff or not, there is no doubt you would derive much pleasure from denying a beer lover his or her precious elixir. You sadist, you… If you are this sort of person, then the Beer Cage Puzzle is an evil gadget of beer-depriving fun that is just right for.

At first glance, there is no visible puzzle to resolve. But we can tell you that is pure illusion, and illusion of the finest order. Problems and puzzles so often prove hard to solve because the answer is staring straight at us, right in our faces and winking cheekily while doing a rude hand gesture. Keep things simple and you’ll create a great challenge. So when holding the Beer Cage Puzzle in your hand, you’re more likely to be clueless rather than puzzle-less.

This is exactly the sort of situation the Beer Cage Puzzle creates. And if you’re offering it as a gift, what better way to make your victim salivate with beer-lust than to replace the provided beer can with your friend’s tinny of choice. Pure evil – and we love it.

Now imagine you’ve just been handed this as a present by a comedy friend of yours. “Oh cheers mate, There are only 4 bars to work with and two parallel horizontal plates to work with so how on earth am I gonna get me booze…?” Your friend simply answers: “remove the can from the cage”. Fat lot of help he is.

Many a comedy situation awaits with the Beer Cage Puzzle and many a frustrated human being awaits too. The question is, will you or your beer-loving compadres be able to resist sledgehammering the damn thing? It would all get a bit wet.

The Beer Cage Puzzle is another offering from the Gadget Shop catalogue that will either force people into drinking less, or turn them to a life of alcoholism. If it’s the latter, we would like to apologise in advance. Thank you.