Beer Bands



All beers are created equal, or so it seems when you’re trying to find yours at a party. So just stretch a beer band around your bottle or can and separate yourself from the pack! Beer Bands are durable, reusable stretchy moulded rings to fit bottles, cans and even wrists! Perfect for parties or just lounging around the rumpus room!

There’s nothing worse than cruising the floor at a party looking smooth and forgetting where you put your beer, only to realise that the brew you’re currently swigging has been sitting on the side for a good few hours and has about twenty marlboro lights butts at the bottom of it. Just think how much of a tit you’ll look walking around with baccy on your teeth and your breath stinking like the bottom of an ashtray! We have the answer! The Beer Bands!

The Beer Bands come in 12 different colours with 12 different sayings daubed across the front. Bombed, blitzed, trashed, pickled, hammered, loaded, polluted, ripped, sauced, tanked, wrecked & wasted. We’re pretty sure at some point of the night one of these bands will be good to describe your current state! All you do is stretch one of the bands around your beer or your bottle and share with your friends to distinguish your drinks; or you could use them to describe your different stages of drunkenness throughout the night. Start on pickled and end up on wasted! Wrap a Beer Band round your bottle next tme you go out to discourage skint beer ‘nickers’ for when you’re not looking.

Chuck a couple in your pocket next time you go out for a pint and we can guarantee everyone will be wanting to know where you got ’em from. You’ll be the talk of the pub and those ‘tea leafs’ will be smiling on the other side of their faces when they try to claim your drink and your trusty Beer Band comes into action!!


  • 12 x Beer Bands
  • Bands can be used round the wrist too!
  • Each band measures about 6.4cm