Bedlam Cube Puzzle



They knew what they were talking about when they named this. Oh yes:

Bedlam (noun): Chaos. Pandemonium. Confusion, Insane Asylum.

Usually, when you mention cube puzzles, everyone thinks of The Rubik Cube. You can tell at a glance which men had them when they were younger, because they are the ones with no hair left. Well, there is even better news for toupee and wig makers, because there is now a puzzle which makes Mr. Rubik’s infuriating invention feel like a pleasant spring day in the park with the fluffy bunny rabbits.

Like all great puzzles, the concept is simple. Take a cube and, with the use of a high tech saw, slice it into thirteen cunning 3 dimensional geometric shapes. Take it apart, and then put it back together – easypeasy lemonsqueezy!. Ahahahaha! Well yes, it would be except there are 19,186 different ways of putting the bits back. The Bedlam Cube is so easy to start, but so, so difficult to master.

The Wooden Natural is made with wood from sustainable forests and finished with a clear protective lacquer, it feels extremely warm and tactile. This Cube looks perfect in both traditional or modern homes

Wooden Retro. The Retro Cube is a firm favourite with the kids! It is made from Rubberwood which is produced in environmentally friendly sustainable forests, painted in three bright colours.

Chrome. Crisp, modern, chic, stylish. The designer Cube is constructed from plastic with a high quality chrome coating.

Pink! Definitely the one for the extrovert! The princess pink Cube is not made from recycled Barbie dolls – but is very, er, pink! Go on lads, I dare you to take one of these to work!

Quite frankly, if the Bedlam Cube were smokeable then it would be on the “Class A” list and men in scary uniforms would confiscate it. It really is that addictive!

  • 13 Parts
  • 19,186 Solutions.
  • Easy to play but difficult to solve
  • Approx 10cm x 10cm x 10cm