Battle Set of Two VS Tanks



Setup your terrain, charge your tanks, and face-off across the battlefield with Micro VS Tanks!

Up to 4 VS Tanks can battle together, and they are supplied in pairs, so just add batteries and let battle commence!

VS Tanks feature realistic caterpillar tracks, LED damage indicators, kickback shooting action, and a 360-degree spin-out when hit by an opponent’s beam.

Each tank has full remote control (forward, reverse, turn left and right), and fires an infra red beam.

When firing at an opponent, the tanks display a realistic recoil action which looks like the tank is really feeling the force of the ejected ammo! A re-loading delay prevents repeated firing and adds extra authenticity.

When a tank is hit by a beam from an opponent, it will respond by quickly spinning on its axis and flashing a a red light on the top.

Some of the suggested games are:

Sumo: Objective of Sumo game is to move your opponent’s tank outside of the “battle circle” as quickly as possible – the tank pushed out of the circle boundary first is declared the loser.

War Game: Playable with two teams each with two tanks. Lots of shooting practice with this game and very basic aim – the last surviving tank is the winner!

Cowboy Duel: Start with each tank facing backwards to one another in the centre of the playing area. When the game begins, both tanks advance forward to the “firing line” at which point they can turn towards one another and commence fire. The first tank to get hit would be declared the loser.

This is the newest version of Vs Tank (Volume 3), with improved quality and performance!

Features include:

  • Infrared battle system
  • Supports up to 4 players
  • Recoiling action and real-life reloading delay
  • Tanks charge from the remote controller
  • 3 minutes charging for 10 minutes of playing time
  • Calibration to realign tracks if necessary
  • Each tank/controller requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included)