24 Kt Gold Lix



What do you do when have just bought your third Lamborghini and haven’t a clue what your next toy will be? Or perhaps you just want a bit of excess once in a while? Either way, why not go crazy and consider some candy bling in the shape of our barmy Blingalix range, the 24K Gold Lix lolly and the Pearl lollipop.

All that glitters is gold even when it comes to candy apparently. This translucent slab of lollyness conceals gold flakes within its gold-coloured exterior. And if it’s not enough that there is precious metal stuck inside, the thing is champagne-flavoured too. Mad or what!

This particular lollipop is made from 24 karat California gold. That’s not the American soccer team of the same name but the real stuff in leaf form, fit for human consumption. On that note, gold is said to contain various anti-bacterial properties when eaten. In fact, take a look at Japan and you’ll notice that they still use gold in all sorts of food and drink items. And don’t forget Goldschläger, a drink containing tiny pieces of gold leaf. Maybe you could combine the two for a precious metal extravaganza.

Staying with the bling but throwing in a pinch of aphrodisiac into the mix, we present the Pearl Lollipop, a lolly made from raw cane sugar, wild Madagascan vanilla essence and ground natural pearls. For millennia, ground pearls have been recognised as a natural aphrodisiac and where even used in child-bearing rituals in China and Japan.

Give a massive hint to your other half and offer the Pearl Lollipop on a dark rainy night in. Failing that, give one to someone who has simply caught your eye. Maybe even carry a few around when you’re on a night out, remove the manufacturer’s label from around the stick and put your contact details on instead. You never know… But beware if you are sucking on one of these while using public transport. You may find yourself suddenly drawn to the opposite sex.

So when you find yourself inadvertently chomping on that gold necklace, then perhaps the 24K Gold Lix lolly is the solution. And if you need a novel way to spice things up in the bedroom, try the libido lifting Pearl Lollipop, it’s devilishly delicious.