10-in-1 Games Table

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Ahhh… Finally some thought for those of us who just don’t have 6 acres of house! This finely crafted table has ten of the best bar games crammed packed right inside it! It’s your chance to really bring a bit of the pub into your home! The 10-in-1 has the following games: table football, air hockey, backgammon, skittles, shuffleboard, chess, chequers, table tennis, pool and playing cards all rolled into one dinky little table!

It’s a real gaming breakthrough! The 10-in-1 Multigames table has solved the problem of being bored senseless of playing just one game.

It has a whole ten other games to crack on with once your done with what your playing. Not only that! The accessories for all ten games pack up neatly inside the sturdy framework of this ultimate gaming device.

As far as games tables go, this is definately the best one we’ve seen yet! And just think, having one of these babies at home will stop you from popping down the local everytime you fancy kicking a football or sinking a ball in pool meaning no more head numbing hangovers or sausage breathed mornings! Brilliant!


  • 10-in-1 Games Table
  • Ten games including table football, air hockey, skittles, shuffleboard, chequers, table tennis, backgammon, chess, playing cards and pool.
  • Includes all required accessories and games instructions/rules.
  • All the games pack neatly inside the table when not in use.
  • Height: 815mm
  • Length: 1270mm
  • Width: 618mm
  • Width: 1030
  • Weight: 30kg

The product is despatched without any added packaging around it, so there is nothing to disguise what it is. Please remember this if you intend to give it as a present!